Commercial & Broadway: The Future

This is a reminder that there will be an open house this coming Saturday to hear ideas regarding the future of the Safeway site at Commercial & Broadway.  This will be the first serious action regarding development in Grandview after the approval of the Community Plan this summer.

The “community social” will be hosted by developers Westbank Projects and the owners of the site, Crombie REIT. It will take place from 11:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday 8th October at Federico’s Supper Club, 1728 Commercial.


According to an article in the Courier, the developers/owners want “to brainstorm “a new urban typology for the city and for family living.”

This is an important site on the border of our neighbourhood and I hope many of you will take time out of your busy Thanksgiving Saturday to attend for a short while at least.

Update:  The meeting has been cancelled due to the sudden death of architect Bing Thom. It will be rescheduled.



3 Responses to Commercial & Broadway: The Future

  1. pennystreet546 says:

    Really too bad Bing Thom died. He had some very inspired/inspiring ideas about the Safeway site.

  2. George B says:

    Thanks again for the post Jak.

    Their use of the word ‘ brainstorm ‘ implies that there’s a problem to be solved.
    To me the question becomes

    1) What is the problem?


    2) Who’s problem is it?

    Last if you want to know what a ‘ Community social ‘ really is ask someone from the Praries.
    Back East it’s usually a fund-raiser for a couple getting married, maybe sport teams ( new uniforms, travel etc ) and such or a community/church celebration, possibly a harvest pot-luck and dance.

    I doubt that’s what Westbank has in mind.

    More likely ‘ Commercial & Broadway: The Future,
    Whether you like it or not.
    Imagine the Kettle project on hyperdrive.

    The new immigrant services bldg on Victoria Drive and East 10th has already set the standard for height East of the Safeway site and City Hall is itching to go even higher.

    ps Wartime Farm is on Knowledge Network tonite.

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