The Best Of …

September 21, 2016

It is that time of year again, when the Georgia Straight announces “The Best Of” in Vancouver.  As usual, the majority of awards go to the west side but some local businesses score.

Those awarded #1 spot:

  • Attic Treasures for retro furniture;
  • Canna Clinic for best dispensary customer service (also #2 as best dispensary to chill, and #3 as best dispenary);
  • Daily Catch for seafood;
  • JJ Bean for local coffee chain;
  • Puff for best head shop;
  • Womyn’s Ware for sex toys (also #2 for fetish stuff)

Those in #2 place:

  • Choices for organic produce;
  • Spark for women’s wear independent;
  • Spartacus Gym for best independent gym;
  • Zool Suleman for immigration lawyer

Those in #3 place:

  • Donald’s for produce;
  • Figaro’s for garden store;
  • La Grotta for specialist cheese store;
  • Pasture to Plate for butcher

Congratulations to all of these, and to the many fabulous restaurants, bars, stores, and services in Grandview that were not recognised this year.

Millennial Rudeness

September 21, 2016

This morning I caught the southbound #20 bus at the stop by Nick’s Restaurant. It was almost full, and the front section was filled to capacity with two wheelchairs, a walker, and a blind man.

The next stop was at Adanac where a young woman with a very large stroller tried to get on. The driver politely advised her that he was too full to take a stroller, and she just went crazy. She swore in the vilest way, screaming about her “right” to get on the bus. The driver showed her how full the front section was but she was having none of it, continuing to scream and demanding that one or more of the disabled people get off the bus to make way for her.

In the end, with the approval of most everyone on the bus, the driver simply shut the door and drove away.

Now, I probably would not be writing about this had it not been the third time this month that I have witnessed similar incidents by millennials acting as if they were entitled to whatever they feel like appropriating. And in each case, the women involved looked to be healthy (as well as young), especially compared to the elderly and disabled folks they wanted to turf from the bus.

If they bring up their kids with this kind of arrogant view of entitlement, then the future does not look bright.

Date for the Calendar: Co-Op Bookstore AGM

September 21, 2016

On Friday 30th, the wonderful and venerable People’s Co-op Bookstore at 1391 Commercial is holding its Annual General Meeting. It will take place in the store at 7:00pm.

We have three bookstores on the Drive today, and we don’t want to lose any of them. Come along to the AGM and get involved!

Image: Line #1

September 21, 2016

line I