Night Music: Heart of Mine

September 16, 2016

Transit As Design Template

September 16, 2016

In London, there are companies turning out fine furnishings and accessories which celebrate the iconic design style of the London Underground.  These images are from Creative Review:


The bottom two items are inspired by the Piccadilly Line upholstery (left), and the Tube’s floor patterns (right).

My question is: Will anything Translink ever does inspire anyone to do anything creative?

Back In The Swing

September 16, 2016

ghg-logoThe Grandview Heritage Group has taken the last two months off from regular meetings.  We got back together last night to start our 6th season and we had a wonderful time!

I hope that more of you will join us to discover local history and heritage, and to discuss issues concerning (mostly) our built environment. We meet on the third Thursday of each month in the Boardroom at the Britannia Info Centre on Napier. Everyone is welcome!

Britannia Secondary Is Saved!

September 16, 2016

At the Vancouver School Board meeting last night, all the trustees voted to remove Britannia Secondary from the list of potential school closures. This will cheer a whole community when they find out about it this morning, I am sure!

Here is what the Vancouver Sun had to say about the meeting:

After a four-hour meeting spent discussing all 12 schools on the possible closure list in detail, a majority of trustees said they wanted to remove Britannia — an east side school that is surrounded by a community centre — from consideration.

Several trustees said they were surprised to see the school on the list, given the number of vulnerable students and aboriginal students that attend the school. The indication was a recommendation by the majority of trustees, but the full board will still need to vote on the list on Sept. 26. However, since all trustees were present, the committee recommendation will likely stick.

Most of Britannia is not at high risk in an earthquake, however one section of the school is at high risk.

The Vancouver School Board is considering closing up to 12 schools, but the list won’t be official until approved by the board on Sept. 26. Final decision will be made in December.

What a wonderfully pleasant surprise with which to start the day!