More On Dogs, People, and Parks

I understand that the GWAC meeting last night regarding the potential new Parks Board policy about dogs in city parks was well-attended and polite in its questioning.

If you missed it (as I was obliged to), you have another chance tonight at an open house at Trout Lake Community Centre from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

Parks Board says: “The goal of this round of consultation is to find out what is important to park users about dogs in Vancouver’s parks and beaches, including opportunities and challenges. Feedback from this round will inform preliminary design and policy recommendations that will be presented in a second round of consultation in early 2017. “


3 Responses to More On Dogs, People, and Parks

  1. pennystreet546 says:

    Just about all the attendees were dog people, so there weren’t any bloody fist fights. I think three or maybe four people were not dog owners, but no one was anti-dog or had a dog-related ax to grind. It was very cheerful and civilized.

  2. George B says:

    Only 1 in 7 dogs in Vancouver are licensed ( the lowest rate of any major city in Canada ) and the COV;s Animal Control Dept loses around 1 million dollars annually on operations ( all revenue streams vs expenses ) Even with around 140,000 dogs unlicensed and illegally unleashed in Vancouver COV Animal Control staff issue less than 1 COV dog by-law infraction ticket per day, not even enough to cover their own wages.

    According to FOI’s the VPB has no idea the extent of environmental impacts dogs have on parks or beaches, the waterways or indigenous wildlife. Dog waste collected has to be trucked out to the Delta Landfill. Illegally unleashed dogs keep many from safely accessing parks without fear including many Elderly, Persons with Disabilities and young children. At our Inner-City park illegally unleashed dogs routinely urinate and dump on every tree, bench and in the children’s playground. Dog urine and waste is toxic.

    Commissioner Loke put the VPB costs at accommodating dogs at around 4 million annually ( a figure not disputed by VPB staff ) and the VPB collects no revenue from dogs to offset loses.
    Combined the COV/VPB lose around 5 million dollars annually pandering to law-breaking dogs and dog owners. The fact is dog ownership in Vancouver is heavily subsidized thru reduced services such as park clean-up, fewer recreation facilities and deteriorating playground structures.

    The City of Calgary has an over 90% compliance rate licensing cats and dogs and generates over 3 million in profits annually to reinvest in increased/improved facilities and greenspaces. They can have more pools and hockey rinks because of responsible dog ownership. From their profits they also run their own spay/neuter clinic offering services at reduced rates or even free if necessary.

    Continuing to subsidize dogs in Vancouver is unsustainable without financial accountability from dog owners unless of course the majority of Vancouverites who don’t own dogs are prepared to have fewer parks, pools, hockey rinks, splash parks, playgrounds etc.

    Is it too much to ask dog owners to pay their fare share.

  3. jakking says:

    Interesting comments which I hope have been shared with the Parks Board. Personally, if dogs are to be allowed in publicly-funded spaces, I cannot see any reason NOT to have them licensed.

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