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September 11, 2016

gai lan emergent

Remembering Chile Today

September 11, 2016

On 9/11 in 1973, the US financed and helped plan the overthrow of the legally elected government of Salvador Allende in Chile.


During the military coup, the President died (assassinated or committed suicide to avoid capture) and over the next few years of the vicious and inhuman dictatorship of US-supported Pinochet, several thousand Chileans were imprisoned, tortured, and killed.

What happened in New York on this day 28 years later was also vicious and inhuman. However, it is about time for some reconciliation and regret for the war crimes the US has committed. If any US network or major media even mentions the Chilean anniversary during what will almost certainly be today’s spasm Trump-like breast-beating, that would be a tiny start.