R.I.P. Richard Neville

September 4, 2016

Richard NevilleA few months ago, I wrote about how the covers of the 1960s/1970s OZ magazine — which, as I wrote earlier “exemplified that era so perfectly with sex, drugs, politics, progressive art, and rock n’roll oozing between its covers, eager to be free” — were now available online.

Unfortunately, so soon after, we have to report the death of Richard Neville, the editor of OZ. As his co-founder wrote today:

“Richard Neville was the most charming man I ever met. He didn’t possess the superficial charm of an actor or politician; he was genuinely interested in people and curious about life in all its manifestations.”

Those of us who grew up in the wake of Neville’s work will never forget him.


Night Music: Julie Covington

September 4, 2016

Still the best version.