Changes On The Drive #61

Today was just a perfect early Fall day: cool but not enough for a jacket; the threat of rain not bad enough for an umbrella (mostly, at least). It was good to get out.

Starting as usual at the south end of my patch 2245 Commercial is still vacant (23 months) and 2240 is also vacant (13 months) but now there is a sign saying it has been leased.  The current Kingdom Beauty outlet at 2271 is still operating, but much of the building is now taken up with a large FOR LEASE sign.


The former MoGo location at 1850 Commercial is also still vacant (6 months).

In Il Mercato, both the old Strawberry Bakery (20 months) and Lombardos2Go (7 months) spaces are still vacant. Across the street, the Libra Room at 1608 (1 month) and the apartments upstairs all still seem to be empty.

I visited the new Candy Aisle store in the 1500-block and I can reveal that they don’t keep the classic English Mint Imperials which was a huge disappointment.

Down at 1408, the Pagoda pho place has the windows papered over — rarely a good sign.

Around the corner, 1704 Charles is still vacant (2 months), as are 1280 Commercial (5 months), 1104 (29 months), the upstairs at 1011 (2 months), and 902 Commercial (16 months).

The former hair stylist space at 1035 Commercial is also still vacant after 16 months. There is no evidence that Choices are in any rush to fill the space with their expansion.


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7 Responses to Changes On The Drive #61

  1. helenawish says:

    😞Buy them and leave them empty. Renters and small business gone. Unbelievable.

  2. jakking says:

    It makes no economic sense to me that storefronts can be left empty for years at a time. Bizarre.

  3. Richard says:

    Looks like the bike lanes are badly needed. Very few empty store fronts on Hornby, Dunsmuir and Union. And Kits Natural Foods is going into the old Rogers at Yew and York.

  4. arianek says:

    FYI re: Libra Room “UPDATE! We are currently closed due to unforeseen circumstances and will reopen late October” from Mysterious…

    It’s so disheartening seeing shop after shop shut and nothing new open up. Yet over on Main St. shop after shop and cafe after cafe seem to open. What gives?

  5. jakking says:

    Thanks for the very welcome info on Libra Room! The Drive actually has a very low % of vacancies, a % that has stayed more or less the same for 5+ years. The problem is that a lot of the older vacancies are not being taken up, presumably because the landlord wants too much rent.

  6. arianek says:

    Ah interesting. But it is still a shame new shops don’t open up. I can’t believe no level of gov’t has stepped in yet to rent control these places so that we can have more services to spend our money at. ;)

  7. David Parent says:

    Choices Market is expanding into the old hairstylist next door, the problem was due to the city permits taking so long! They have now just got the permits and the Architects were on site this week and the back of the building has had the Construction fencing put up where they will be expanding the building. They have also installed a huge generator to run 3 freezers that need the back alley wiring up graded by the city otherwise they would of blown the whole block if they had started it up. In essence the slow progress has been totally because of City red-tape! If you go into the store you will see they are getting ready to knock down walls!

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