Night Music: Words of Love

August 28, 2016

Amendment to REACH Information

August 28, 2016

In an earlier post, I had mentioned that one had to be a member of REACH by August 19 in order to vote at the AGM. I now understand that to be inaccurate. The following is from an email from REACH:

“While we encourage anyone to attend, only members of REACH can vote at the AGM. It’s easy to become a member: visit our new website and complete the membership form, include anywhere from $1 to $25 (it’s up to you) as your membership dues. Email it to us, or drop your application by our offices:

REACH Community Health Centre
102-2732 E Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC, Canada   V5K 1Z9

As a member, you’re eligible to vote in our AGM on September 21, 2016 provided you have completed a membership form and delivered it to us prior to September 14, 2016. Let your voice heard and become a member of REACH today.



Hammershoi — Again, At last

August 28, 2016

More than eight years ago, I wrote an excited post about an artist I had just come across — Vilhelm Hammershoi.



Since then, I have only come across a couple of his images. It was a stunning pleasure, therefore, to find a documentary made by Michael Palin, also eight years ago, that delves deeply into the artist and his motivations.

The documentary lasts about an hour and is well worthwhile!