Image: Hot Dog

July 27, 2016

hot dog_small

Night Music: Hello, Goodbye

July 26, 2016

Image: Stone Wall

July 25, 2016

stone wall

Poetry: Mayfly

July 25, 2016


the autobiography of a mayfly

would be as short as a page

and as dense as perfect memory


the madness of dashing hither and yon

across the summer’s blue distance

to seek the one mate of perfect desire


the need to avoid the bloodletting wars

of birds and trout at cool water’s edge

to arrive in one piece at the perfect location


the keenness of invention, of new hieroglyphics,

to tempt her away from the maddening crowds

to sing her, to win her with this perfect dance


the sense of fulfillment, slowly drifting to earth

with all power spent, all duty completed

to remember, to listen to the end of this perfect life



Night Music: Fings Ain’t What They Used To Be

July 24, 2016

Image: Water Lily #2

July 23, 2016

Water Lily 2

Night Music: Don’t Rain On My Parade

July 22, 2016