The Green House

Image: Michael Kluckner

Image: Michael Kluckner

Not so very long ago, the Cultch was dead set on knocking down the old church rectory next door to the theatre on Venables, a building known as the Green House.  It was used for years as administrative offices and rehearsal space for the Cultch but has for some years been allowed to decay. Manage-ment wanted to replace it with a box-like York-Theatre-like modernist block.

The neighbourhood was appalled. Many argued the Green House was an important heritage asset. Others noted that the cost of renovation (including a new roof if required) was considerably less expensive than a demolition and a new build.

It is fair to say that on this occasion, the City listened and decided on a renovation and refurbishment project.

The folks at the Grandview Heritage Group are pleased to note the progress on the building. It is coming along quickly and we all look forward to its completion. For ongoing reports on the Green House from the last few years see “Green House” under Categories on the right-hand sidebar of the GHG site.


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