The Summer of ’68

July 13, 2016

For many of us, of a certain age and with a certain political history, the summer of 1968, especially the events surrounding the Democratic Convention in Chicago, was a key moment in our own lives.  The always-compelling has today a post with important links to the artists and writers who were caught up in those events.

chicago 1968

Almost fifty years now. Do those happenings have any relevance or value today? Who remembers why the Chicago Seven were tried, and what were the verdicts? Was forcing Johnson off the ticket a good thing in the long run?


Image: Vesuvius

July 13, 2016


Double-Decker Memories

July 13, 2016

I grew up a Londoner and therefore, almost by definition, I am an admirer of the double-decker bus. My own nostalgia is greater than some, I guess, because for an 18-month period I was privileged to be a double-decker bus driver. One of my standard routes was from Uxbridge to Shepherd’s Bush and back. Interesting days, strong union, lots of brotherhood.

Anyway, I was reminded of all this when I came across this post from Londonist all about re-purposing the old double-deckers.

afternoon tea

buses 2


There are a range of city tour buses, of course, but there are also cafes, afternoon tea houses, wedding/drinks buses, a realtor’s office, an oyster bar, a puppet show theatre, and a pizza bar.

Good stuff. I am glad people are putting these wonderful machines to use.