Dinner Tonight #3

July 7, 2016



A creamy bacon and chicken penne that was really  tasty.  Quick and simple too.

Grandview Heritage Houses

July 7, 2016


For the fifth year in a row, the award-winning Grandview Heritage Group (GHG) has selected a number of houses that are at least one hundred years old and well maintained to be our Centenary Houses of the Year.  This year’s choices can be found at the GHG website.  Click on the map there to get architectural and early history notes for each house put together by Michael Kluckner and me.

In the website header you can also find links to the selections we have made since 2012.

This ongoing project is one of the most popular and enduring items of business that keeps GHG engaged with tbe community. If you are interested in the heritage and history of our neighbourhood, explore the many posts on the site and keep it bookmarked for information on our regular meetings.

Image: Heron

July 7, 2016

heron I