What A Game!

July 1, 2016

I have more or less stopped watching football. I recognise that has a lot to do with how badly Chelsea played last season but I also know that I find rugby, cricket, and cycling more entertaining.  In fact, I had not seen a single Euro 2016 game this summer, until today.  With Wales in a quarter-final, I did my walk on the Drive early to ensure that I got back home in time for the noon kickoff.

Belgium were the heavy favourites, and their early goal seemed to set the stage for an expected victory. But the Welsh lads pulled together as a team — that was the key — and finished with an extraordinary 3-1 scoreline.  It was brilliant to watch.



It also means I will definitely be watching the semi-final and cheering them on!


Changes On the Drive #59

July 1, 2016

The temperature was cool this morning, with a few drops of rain in the air — the perfect walking weather for me. It is Canada Day and I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of patriotic T-shirts, blouses, etc.

Down in the south end of the Drive, very little has changed once again, with 2245 Commercial (vacant 21 months), 2240 (11 months), and 1850 (4 months) still empty and for lease.

What are new are the drapes at Dr. Sam’s at 1929. The old and drab sheers that have despoiled his windows for years have finally been replaced with a light blue fabric. The look is much improved.

No change at Il Mercato either. Both the old Strawberry Bakery space (18 months) and what used to be Lombardo’s2Go (5 months) are still vacant.  Across the street, the apartments upstairs at the Odlin Block are still empty.

The Candy Aisle at the southern end of the Kalena complex is now open.

2016 Candy


The old Roma at the corner of Commercial and Grant had changed its sign to the Grant Social Club a couple of months back.  However, it has now reverted to Roma.



1303 Commercial is still vacant (3 months), but at 1340, the new Community Cash store is either open or just about ready.

2016 Cash


Around the corner at 1704 Charles, the Prairie Cottage Perogie store closed on 26th June. It never seemed very busy in its short existence. I see that Harry Grunsky is using the space for a three-day art sale this weekend.

The former Sophie’s Pet store at 1280 is still vacant (3 months), but finally the City Bistro at 1268 is open after that space had been vacant for 37 months.  The new store seems be another coffee bar with baked goods.

At 1179, the recent Truong Thann Vietnamese restaurant appears to have morphed (or is morphing) into a Japanese ramen house.

Image: Teresa McCarthy

Image: Teresa McCarthy

The storefront at 1104 is still vacant after 27 months, as is 902 (14 months).  1035 Commercial is also still closed, but Choices are working on getting it extended into their grocery store.

Finally, we have the new development application at 928 Commercial about which I wrote earlier last month.

Image: A Cool Drink

July 1, 2016

A Cool Drink

Happy Birthday Canada!

July 1, 2016