Creating A New Rembrandt

June 30, 2016

Can technology be used to create a new Old Master? Not re-create an old work, but create a new work from scratch, including the surface feel?

A group of Dutch technologists have certainly made an attempt. And a credible one, if one assumes that such a project is not beyond the pale from the very beginning.

Jonathan Jones, art critic, just hates the whole idea:

“What a horrible, tasteless, insensitive and soulless travesty of all that is creative in human nature. What a vile product of our strange time when the best brains dedicate themselves to the stupidest “challenges”, when technology is used for things it should never be used for and everybody feels obliged to applaud the heartless results because we so revere everything digital … What these silly people have done is to invent a new way to mock art.”

I agree with Jones that “a fake is a dead, dull thing with none of the life of the original”, but I find myself unable to match his disgust. It is a mighty clever thing they have done and should be appreciated at that level at least.

Night Music: Dionne Warwick

June 30, 2016

Cannes Lions Winners

June 30, 2016

The Cannes Lions Festival is always worth watching for those interested in creativity and technique in marketing and advertising. Some of the very best creatives and film makers link to produce wonderful short works.

There is always some controversy to keep us interested. As Creative Review’s piece on Cannes discusses, a few pieces were withdrawn even after prizes were awarded.  The same report lists all the winners.  Terry O’Reilly of “Under The Influence” attended Cannes and his blog has some interesting discussions.

Here are a couple of prize winners that I found particularly special. The first is a 3-minute piece from the Spanish lottery corporation that is beautifully made and has a heart-warming message.


The other has a personal meaning to me, suffering as I do from COPD. It is called the Breathless Choir:

Beautiful and creative stuff.