Image: Cans

June 27, 2016

cans I

Poem: Complaints Desk

June 27, 2016


She fumed

and fumed loud.


And as she

disabused me

of my place

in the human

race — given

my lineage

must be replete

with morons and

monkeys —

her otherwise neat

and clipped


was interlarded

with sailors’ slang

and potty talk,

and ended with

a red-faced



“Fair dinkum, gal,”

I replied,

smiling the smile

that’ll usually

sink ’em.


nothing.  I sighed

and completed

the refund

that would send

her away.


Thank God

I’m stoned

all day.


Celebrating Emma Goldman and the Wobblies

June 27, 2016


Today we celebrate the birthday of the inspiring anarchist Emma Goldman.

It is also the 111th anniversary of the founding of the Industrial Workers of the World which seems perfectly apt.