The New Community Plan

I have now read through the full Grandview-Woodland Community Plan once and, in general, I find myself encouraged by much of what I read. It is certainly a significant improvement over the 2013 Emerging Directions draft.

While the devil is in the details — and that will take a closer read over the next few days — my position at this point is that many of the assumptions and directions underpinning the Plan seem to be fair and reasonable. Therefore, my analysis will start from a position of approval with just a number of edges needing to be improved, buffed and polished.

That being said, my main complaint throughout this excruciating four year business has been that the process was at fault: It was the complete lack of community discussion about land use that caused the public outcry against Emerging Directions; and the replacement process, the non-transparent and unrepresentative Citizens’ Assembly (CA) nonsense kept most community residents and activists at bay for a year, creating yet more division and upset and resentment.

This failure of process continues to this day. While the “experts” at City Planning needed (or at least took) a full year to analyse and decode what the CA and other discussions meant, the residents are now given just a few weeks and a couple of Open Houses (we remember how useful they are!) to make their own judgement of a final Plan that is almost 250 pages long.

The deliberate asymmetry of power continues.


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