The Community Plan — Finally!

Vancouver Planning today released their draft Community Plan for Grandview after giving a full day’s briefing to the tiny minority of residents who previously formed the Citizens’ Assembly. The rest of us have to read it online and then go to a limited number of Open Houses over the next short.

I am just about to settle down and read it and I urge everyone else interested in the future of our neighbourhood to do the same.  It can be found at:


One Response to The Community Plan — Finally!

  1. I’ll be interested to read your take, Jak.

    I just did a quick review of certain key features of the new draft plan, and an even quicker comparison to the original contentious plan of 2013.

    In general, It looks like the new plan does try to address the concerns of Grandview-Woodland residents, and strike some kind of a balance in the most contentious areas: towers at the Safeway site, Kettle-Boffo site, densification of Nanaimo St.

    Safeway and Kettle-Boffo proposals are “conceptual”, with a note that what ultimately gets zoned could differ. But I’m assuming what appears in the plan at least gives some indication of which way the wind is blowing at City Hall.

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