Brexit and Me


Tomorrow the British people get to vote on whether or not to stay in the European Union.  As a virulent opponent of mega-government and a firm believer in radical decentralisation, I am of course in favour of Britain leaving the EU as soon as possible.

This is probably the most important vote in Britain for a couple of generations and the debate has been fierce. I am saddened by the fact that the Leave side is represented primarily by right-wing anti-immigrant fascists and Conservative opportunists, with whom I have nothing in common.  But I cannot give up my anti-Statist open-border principles simply because such awful people happen to support the same end (Britain leaving) for sick and unseemly reasons.

The Remain side is not much better, frankly, led by Thatcherite wannabes who believe that an “education” at Eton entitles them to govern and for whom austerity is the solution to everything. Positive side effects of a Leave victory should be the elimination of Cameron and Osborne from public life, and a greater emphasis on the independence of the various parts of the United Kingdom.

No matter who wins tomorrow, the history of those historic Isles will be forever changed.

One Response to Brexit and Me

  1. George B says:

    BBC News carried a 2 hour debate between the In and Out sides on Tuesday June 21-2016 which was informative and surprisingly civil, well worth looking for.
    When the Govt sides with big business you know something’s fishy.
    I hope the Brit’s vote to exit, it’s the only way for them to determine their own future.
    Personally I never believed in the EU, too much history proves otherwise. Letting Russia steamroll in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine without the EU and NATO providing sufficient aid or delivering severe consequences to Russia for their actions proves how futile both are in today’s World.

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