The Real Me!

June 16, 2016

I have been online since the late 1980s when I operated a BBS or two. Those were the days — screeching modems and dreaming of 400 baud!  In all that time, I believe I can say with absolute confidence, that I have never posted anything that was not in my own name (or in the name of the organization I was with at the time of posting).

Many people I respect have used pseudonyms for perfectly good reasons of their own and generally I understand that requirement. Fortunately, I have never felt the need to do that, feeling both secure and confident in my own opinions. Let’s be immodest about it: if I write something good, I want people to know it was me that wrote it.  Why ever not?

A developer’s shill has twice now assumed something written by other people was by me: once on a Facebook page (even though he was well aware that I never use FB), and most recently in a comment on an article in the Courier. I can only assume this child-like behaviour somehow benefits the shill in some way, psychologically perhaps, or for the benefit of his employer. For me, the people who actually wrote the comments, and the many others who know the truth, it just makes him appear delusional and silly.

I don’t expect him to stop his silliness because, frankly, he’s just not that bright. But I will keep pointing it out when it happens. Maybe he’ll get bored with being laughed at.

Night Music: Lhasa

June 16, 2016

Wise Words

June 16, 2016

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