Poem: Five Definitive Moments

June 13, 2016


Childhood is

a flat green blade growing from the stem of a plant,

the absorbing and digesting of

a body of myths


Adolescence is

the property of becoming self-luminous

in the recognition of

fire and hunger and strong desire


Adulthood is

the acceptance of the heat and light caused by burning;

a steady flow that rises

as the tide, and ebbs


Wisdom is

known only to those of special comprehension,

something very white,

a leaf blown across the firmament


Death is

the beginning of all things, the nape

that links the body of one life to

the head of the next



Image: Good Lie

June 13, 2016

Good Lie

The Great Fire of Vancouver

June 13, 2016

Today is the 130th anniversary of the fire that completely destroyed Vancouver in 1886, just two months after the city had been incorporated.


The fire was deliberately set, to clear undergrowth between the present-day Main and Cambie Streets, but was swiftly expanded out of control by a heavy wind. Almost every structure in the new city was destroyed, with only three said to survive. A number of people were killed, but very few were identified due to the destructive power of the fire’s high heat.

Rebuilding began within a few days and, in the end, the great fire proved to be merely a hiccough in Vancouver’s rapid rise.