A Cathartic Excision

twitterI just spent the last hour or so reviewing the list of twitter accounts that I follow, or used to follow. There were 1,009 of them. Now, there are 195. Getting it down to that number was an exhilarating experience, cathartic and nostalgic.

By immediately excluding all local (and most other) media, media types, politicians, political hacks, political organizations, developers, developers’ shills, and everything to do with real estate, I was quickly down to a manageable size. But then I realised just how many cricketers and rugby players and pro cyclists’ accounts I had picked up, along with the odd account for a TV show or movie or actor. So they were gone too; and I was already beginning to feel the relief of unburdening myself from that daily noise machine.

At the end of the day, I kept a few relatives and friends, a whole bunch of history stuff, some art, and not really much else.  I’ll probably go back to twitter tomorrow, and I know it is going to be an entirely different social media experience than I have become used to.

I’m looking forward to the quiet.


One Response to A Cathartic Excision

  1. Twitter Less says:

    Or treat Twitter as a miniblog and just set up a few tabs in the browser with https://twitter.com/jakking49 and other stars.
    There are many ways to read twitter. And it is not doing well financially, nor membership growth.

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