Finally, The Truth Is Out There

For years now, I have written and spoken about my belief that the Billionaires’ Boy’s Club and their handmaidens (Robertson, Rennie, et al) have a long term goal to make Vancouver a privileged ghetto for the richest 1%. The current housing market is one sign of that, with astronomical prices forcing most locals out of the city.

They have been pushing transit so hard because a good transit system is required to allow the plebs who work for the 1% to live elsewhere and yet still get in and out of the city for purposes of employment.

My idea has been pooh-poohed by the best of them.  But wait — what did Bob Rennie say at his UDI lunch speech today? As paraphrased by Frances Bula (and who can mistrust her), he said:

“Vancouver should get out of the affordability biz. Affordable [is] available in the region, leave the rest to BC Housing.”

In other words, Vancouver is for the rich folks, the region is for the rest of you poor sods.  Just as I’ve been saying.


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