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June 1, 2016

Corner Suites

Changes On The Drive #58

June 1, 2016

Given that the weather forecast for today (Wednesday) was set to be wet, and because yesterday (Tuesday) was such a warm and sunny day, I did the walk yesterday. It was definitely hot in the sun but there was a sort of freshness in the air probably from the rain this weekend.  Whatever, it was a good day to walk.

Down at the south end very little changes. 2245 (vacant 20 months) and 2240 (10 months) are still vacant. So is the old MoGo office at 1850 Commercial (3 months).

In Il Mercato Mall, the former Strawberry Bakery (17 months) and the former Lombardo’s 2 Go (4 months) are still vacant.  However, Jennie Kwan’s old office has now been refurbished for Melanie Mark’s use. It looks a lot better than it did when all the windows were covered.


The southernmost storefront that used to be Kalena’s on the eastside of the 1600-block is soon to be a Candy Aisle store after 4 months sitting vacant. Fancy candies for a gentrifying clientele, I guess.

Angelo’s Tailoring at 1501 is set to be a legal marijuana dispensary sometime soon.  The Change of Use development application was approved on 30th May. They are now just waiting for their Board of Variance marijuana license. So we are set to lose our only men’s clothing outlet on the Drive. It will go the way of furniture stores, appliance businesses, linen shops and other retailers of interest to a residential community; most have been replaced by restaurants in pursuit of someone’s idea to make the Drive a “destination” rather than a neighbourhood high street.

What used to be the Scandalicious outlet at 1340 Commercial is soon to be a Cash Store. It has been vacant now for 15 months.

2016 June Community Cash

The apartment building opposite Grandview Park has been repainted. It used to have a pleasant enough olive and coral colour palette ; now it is a very dull grey. Great shame.

2016 June GV Park apartments

In that same block, the storefront at 1268 is still vacant after 36 months. However, there is a new “City Bistro Coming Soon” sign on the door, and the interior has been painted lavender. And both 1280 (2 months) and 1108 (26 months) are still vacant.

Moja Coffee at 1102 Commercial now has outside seating on Napier.

2016 June Moja

Across the street, Choices are still renovating the old Hi-Fi salon at 1035. They look like they are still a month away or more from expanding into that space.

Some serious work on the renovation at REACH has now begun. I watched them removing the roof in the rear last week.

2016 June REACH

Finally, there is still no movement on the future of 902 Commercial. It has been vacant for 13 months now.

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