The Parking Space Apartment Building

There is infill density that can be applauded and supported, but there are also plans that are so ludicrous and outside the zone that they should not even be considered by City Hall. In the latter category is the proposal to build a 5-storey building on the tiny parking lot behind Moja Coffee at 1102 Commercial.


There is so much wrong with this entire idea: it is out of character for the streetscape, it far exceeds current zoning allowances for height and laneway clearance, it is being proposed during a freeze on development while the Community Plan is finalized.

The Grandview Woodland Area Council has published a detailed critique and relevant illustrations that is worth reading.

I can only add that my reading of the relevant zoning schedule leads me to believe that this fronts on Napier (an east-west street) where height restrictions are even tighter than on Commercial. The current proposal seeks to double the height allowed under that circumstance.

You have until tomorrow to send comments to the Planning Department.  Comments can be sent directly to City staff via email: (604.673.8445)



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