Sunday In The Park

May 15, 2016

The No Tower Coalition had their community outreach table at Grandview Park today. They are usually there on Saturdays, and the Sunday afternoon schedule was an experiment. I worked the middle hour, from one until two, and it went pretty well.

The Drive is definitely less busy on a Sunday, although the fact that this was a non-sunny and cooler temperature day may have had an effect too,  However, the people who stopped by seemed even more interested in the campaign than usual. There were a lot of good debates while I was there, and the number of signatures collected was impressive to say the least.

The team has put together a useful collection of table materials to explain both the campaign’s opposition to a tower and the pro-Kettle pro-community alternatives that the coalition has developed. These include pamphlets, lawn and window signs, comment postcards, before-and-after photo galleries showing what a tower will do to the look and feel of the Drive, and of course the petition.  Visiting the website adds access to a great 8-minute video.

The coalition has now collected well over 4,100 signatures in support of the campaign, and there is no sign that the increase in numbers is slowing down. Even more important than the signature collection, the weekly table continues the campaign’s tradition of open dialogue with the community. The personal interactions are worth every moment of volunteer time.



Image: Hanging Gardens

May 15, 2016

Hanging Gardens


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