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May 9, 2016

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Image: Barrels

May 9, 2016


Reason #218 NOT to use Facebook

May 9, 2016

anti-facebookBecause they manipulate the news feeds spoon-fed to their members.

Although FB claims their “trending” news stories are “an organic or algorithmic representation of user interests and activities,” they actually have a whole team manipulating which stories get fed to the “trending topics” list. As the article makes clear “Managers also instructed them to insert stories that were not trending despite being in the news.”

Now, I have little or no sympathy for anyone who gets their news from Facebook, but this illustrate the normal level of respect FB gives to its members.

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Poem: Rolled

May 9, 2016


The woman with crow’s feet wrinkles

and smeared makeup

unfolded the billfold

removing the twenties and leaving the fives

— she had doubled her money and was willing

to leave him

cab fare home.

She waited a minute,

sharp ears listening to the spattering rain

and the flight of an early flock

flying north for the summer.

Slipping on the plastic green raincoat

she slipped out of the room,

leaving him undisturbed

in the empty barn

of his sad dreams.