Jane’s Walk

May 8, 2016

Well it was the most perfect day for the Jane’s Walk along the Drive today.  We had about thirty people join us, and they came from all over Metro and the neighbourhood which was great to see. It was also good to have with us Danielle from the Mount Pleasant Heritage Group.

Janes walk

We covered the length of the Drive from Venables to 4th, with side trips into Britannia, and along Grant, Cotton, and Graveley

The main walk leader was architect and urbanist Lewis Villegas, seconded by city blogger and GWAC director Steve Bohus. I added an historical background whenever needed. We were also privileged to have with us Ned Jacobs, son of the eponymous Jane. With four of us speaking at various times, I believe we gave out a great deal of useful information to what proved to be an involved and informed crowd.  It was a long and tiring walk for an old fellow like me, but it was well worth it.

The walk was co-sponsored by Grandview Woodland Area Council and the Grandview Heritage Group.

Night Music: Burning Desire

May 8, 2016

Today is Jane’s Walk Day

May 8, 2016

Here’s a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day: an early brunch at any one of the dozen or more wonderful places on Commercial Drive, followed by joining us for the Jane’s Walk where we will examine the Human Scale of Urbanism that helps make the Drive so special.

It is going to be a beautiful warm day, and I look forward to seeing many of you this afternoon!