Saving Space For Industry

May 5, 2016

It is excellent news that the huge 17,000 sq.ft building at Clark & E. 7th is to be saved for industrial use.

Image credit: Boe Iravani

Image credit: Boe Iravani

The Chinese language newspaper World Journal Vancouver which occupied the premises closed in January and the building was offered for sale for $6.3 million. Cushman & Wakefield confirm to the Georgia Straight that a sale is being completed and the potential new owner “intends to renovate the existing building, keep the land’s industrial zoning, and use the property for business purposes and to create employment.”

That is marvelous news. Grandview needs all the industrial land it can keep to encourage local employment and to boost the local economy.

What’s So Special About The Drive?

May 5, 2016

Here’s a date for your calendar:  On 18th May, Heritage Vancouver and SFU will hold the second in their Shaping Vancouver series of talks and discussions.  The details are at the SFU site.  To crib from their page:

“As a way to engage the Drive, this discussion will

  • Review the history of the street
  • explore what we can consider its heritage assets
  • ponder the intangible heritage of the area that should be considered when development is being proposed
  • and challenge the notion of prescriptive zoning as a means to preserve an heritage area.

Alongside the question of preservation comes the question of character. Should we be satisfied with saving a few important Heritage assets while the character of an area is abandoned to the forces of development? The panel will discuss how much of the character of an area we can or should surrender to development, what character can be considered important and worth preserving, and whether that character is tied to traditional heritage forms.”

The panelists will include Theo Lamb, Susanne Dahlin, and me. I believe they will be adding an architect and a local developer to the panel. I’m not sure of the format yet, but I believe the moderator, Javier Campos, will lob some questions to us first, and then throw us to the wolves of the audience.

Registration is required (see SFU page above). It should be fun!

Signs Of The End Times

May 5, 2016

I know that for many people, the fact that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were the last men standing in the GOP nomination battle — not to mention the fact, now, that Trump will actually be the GOP Presidential candidate — were a sign of the end times, a sign that things just cannot get worse.

But wait!

Kentucky Fried Chicken have developed an edible nail polish that tastes like Hot & Spicy; you just lick it until it is gone.




For now it is just available in Hong Kong, but how long will we be able to beat back the barbarians?


Image: Bird’s Breakfast #2

May 5, 2016

birds breakfast II