Night Music: Stand Tall

April 18, 2016

Reason #217 NOT to use Facebook

April 18, 2016

Because they have way too much power over content.

This week they suddenly, and without any explanation, closed the FB page of The Shade Room.  The Shade Room, apparently, is a celebrity gossip/news site. I have never visited but I learn it has earned more than 4.4 million likes; and the owner/manager of the site, Angie Nwandu, was listed as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 In Media this year.  Ms Nwandu reports that she has been targeted before by Facebook.

Because no explanation has been forthcoming, one can theorize that one of Zuckerberg’s Hollywood pals didn’t like something The Shade Room wrote and he agreed to censor them without further ado.


Other Reasons NOT to use Facebook.

Poem: Another Sunday Morning

April 18, 2016


the air

after all that rain

had the texture of twilight fireworks



gently above the ground

then bursting into a sun-splashed grey.


the chill

had gone while those

of faith pondered greater mysteries


and those

who preferred a faster tempo

drew other conclusions from the game.


The Big One Is Coming

April 18, 2016

While we in Vancouver await what the experts tell us is the certainty of “the big one”, time to remember that 110 years ago today, the great city of San Francisco was laid waste by an earthquake and fire.

Sacramento Street, from Nob Hill, with the Ferry Building at foot. (National Archives)

Sacramento Street, from Nob Hill, with the Ferry Building at foot. (National Archives)

Nearly 500 city blocks were flattened and more than 25,000 buildings destroyed. At that time, San Francisco was home to 400,000 residents, of whom 250,000 were left homeless.