Come Celebrate The Re-Opening!

March 21, 2016

A short while ago I noted that the People’s Coop Book Store on Commercial had finally re-opened after its trials and tribulations caused by a building fire. Now I can report they will be having a celebration event this coming Saturday, 26th March. As their email to me promises:

“Lukas Hyrman is bringing some of his swing friends to play in the shop in the early afternoon, so  stop by and celebrate with us.

30 percent off on every book in the store all day long!  Come for the music, stay for the cookies, coffee & company !

Gift certificate draw — everyone making a purchase in store on the day, or taking out or renewing their Co-op membership, will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate at the People’s Co-op Bookstore.”

I’ll definitely show up, and I hope to see many of you there!

Image: Rope Metal Wood Water

March 21, 2016

rope metal wood metal

Poem: Dead Heroes

March 21, 2016

Frank Zappa, Jerry Garcia, Brian Jones
And all those Grateful Rolling Mothers
Taught me that play is serious business

That play lives in the moment
That play is life

That an extended bluesy riff
If infinitely more important than a timeclock

That a jiving rolling rock tune
Weighs so much more than a brand new car each year
So much more than a mortgage
And a closet of three-piece suits

That Janis Joplin was more beautiful than Ally MacBeal

That Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix
died for our sins;
that their deaths preceeded ours by just a blink
in geological time

that if music be the food of love
I am obese with passion

That a great rhythm guitar is better
Than bad sex
And that great sex is even better with rock and roll pounding in your head.

Play on, dead heroes
Play on and on and on ….