People’s Co-op Bookstore is Open Again!

I just got a very welcome email from the People’s Co-op Bookstore on Commercial announcing they have re-opened (at least in part) after fire damage closed them two months ago.

They will be open Thursdays through Sundays to start, with Monday to Wednesday as maybes.

“There’s plenty to choose from too.  The gods may be vexatious, but they aren’t any more effective than anybody else — only about fifteen percent of the store’s stock was lost.  The firefighters truly did a remarkable job of containing what was by all accounts a fierce blaze.

Now that we are open again, we’re ready, willing and able to accept your donations of used books. Drop them by if it’s convenient, or give us a call to organize matters if it’s a bigger donation.

And don’t forget that APRIL is POETRY month, thus poetry books (and plays as well) are 30 percent off the marked price for the entire month.

Great news!  Glad to have them back in operation.

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