Brunch at Mezcaleria

It’s been a long time since we were at Mezcaleria on Commercial Drive.  So yesterday, just because we wanted to, the ever-loving and I went there for brunch.  We got there about an hour after opening, and we were the only diners, which is a great shame because we really enjoyed ourselves.

The service was delightfully friendly, and the food was delicious.  She had Huevos Rancheros, and I had the daily special which was Huevos al Abanil — eggs scrambled in an abanil salsa, served with fijoles, toast, and a wonderfully assertive jam made from tomate de arbol.  Wow, it was delicious!

It was made even better by careful use of the taster tray of three different salsas — a mild salsa verde, a rich tomato salsa, and a yellow arbol salsa with a genuine kick.  I usually find refried beans somewhat boring, but the selection of salsas made every bite different.  Good stuff.

Mexican food often lacks texture, I find.  But the Mez’s use of crispy grilled toast made up for the that and more.

Two not so good points:  the music tended to be Spanish covers of English pop, not great and a bit too loud. And the coffee was dreadful.

However, those last matters did not spoil an otherwise excellent brunch.  Very glad we went.


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