Disrespecting The Community

This coming Sunday is the AGM for the Grandview-Woodland Area Council.  I have written before about how this venerable institution is in danger of losing all relevance.

Now I hear rumours that the Kettle Boffo group is going to attempt to take over GWAC for their own single issue purpose. The rumour is they plan to do this by busing in homeless folks from all over the city to vote for their slate. They know that GWAC — whose membership policies are as loose at they need at any particular moment — will not ask for ID from the homeless.

If they succeed, GWAC’s integrity as a genuinely local community group will be shattered beyond saving. Regardless of that, I am sure the Vision majority on City Council — which for years has been dissing GWAC — will suddenly declare it a wonderful institution.

If the rumours prove true, both Boffo and the Kettle will be showing their utter disrespect for the community that has supported them for decades.

4 Responses to Disrespecting The Community

  1. Anna Cooper says:

    “busing in homeless folk from all over the city”? wow, that is rude, classist and alarmist in the right wing vein that “others” will be taking over “our” organizations. When is the last time GWAC encouraged one of The Drive homeless persons to join your “venerable” committee? They are independent thinking adults like you, Jak. Try to show some respect.

  2. jakking says:

    Happy for local homeless to be members, encourage them in fact many times on the street. It is the non-GW homeless I was complaining about as this is supposed to be a locally-run organization.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah. Well obviously didnt happen but you were happy to spread the rumour to fan the flames. I think you owe the kettle an apology.

  3. jakking says:

    Just as a reminder, I never respond to or answer any comments by “Anonymous”. If you have something to say, put your name on it and say it like an adult.

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