Changes On the Drive #55

March 1, 2016

It was a splendidly cool spring day yesterday when I walked the Drive, getting stares for my lack of a jacket.

Beginning at the south end as usual, I notice that 2240 Commercial is still vacant (after 7 months), as is 2245 (16 months).  I also noticed that the development application sign at the 2080/84 has been taken down.  I’ll need to check into what’s going on there.

After being closed for a month for renovations, the Bu Thai Restaurant at 1895 is open once again.  I have to admit to not knowing what the interior was like before, but it looks pretty good right now.

The situation at Il Mercato Mall doesn’t seem to have changed this month: Still vacant are the old Strawberry Bakery (14 months), Lombardo’s 2 Go (1 month), and Jenny Kawn’s old office (2 months).  There are also vacancies in the offices upstairs.

Kalena’s in the 1500-block eastside now has only the southern of their four storefronts up for lease.

2016 Kalena

Angelo’s Tailoring at 1501 is still operating.  However, the licensing process seems to be moving ahead for the new cannabis dispensary that is due to take its place.

The People’s Co-op Book Store is still closed following the fire two months ago.  I know they had hoped to be back up and running by today but that doesn’t seem to have happened.

The storefront at 1340 Commercial is still vacant (12 months). Meanwhile, after being the NDP election office last month, 1303 Commercial is vacant once again. There are further long term vacancies at 1268 (33 months), 1108 (23 months), and 902 (10 months).

Finally, 1035 Commercial is also vacant. However, we know that Choices grocery store is eventually expanding into that space, pushing out the salon that’s been there for a while.

2016 Hi-Fi vacant

That allowed High Fidelity salon to take over the old Peg building at 1002 Commercial which has had its front and interior completely and smartly remodeled.

2016 Hi-Fi open

They were so keen to open, they are in operation without any signage.  I hope they do well!

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March 1, 2016

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