Image: Turban #2

March 31, 2016

turban II

Food As Memory

March 31, 2016

In the late 1990s, I spent a lot of time in Bukowski’s, a raucous bar and restaurant at Commercial & Grant that is sorely missed. I went there to drink, to eat, to party, and, just about every week, to shout my poetry above the din of the bar crowd. If your performance could grab attention at Bukowski’s, you were doing really well.

With the likes of RC Weslowski, Shane Koyczan, and Angus (the Svelte Ms Spelt) Adair also performing, I was never the best or the most popular, but I had a wonderful time; and that period of my life was heady and life-affirming and just plain fun.

patatas bravasI am sure my memory has gaps, but it seems to me at this distance that all I ever ate at Bukowski’s was their wonderful patatas bravas, a dish which, when Bukowski’s closed, was lost to me. So it was a joy the other day when I was looking through some food videos on Youtube and came across a patatas bravas recipe from Food Wishes, one of my go-to video chefs.

I made it last night (with some deliciously sauteed chicken) and it was, all modesty aside, just superb: I could eat that sauce with just about anything. More, all those memories of Bukowski’s came flooding back to delight and entertain.

Proust was right.


Night Music: Blue Velvet — Lana Del Rey

March 30, 2016

Wise Words

March 30, 2016

Wise Words 20160330

Reason Not To Use Facebook #216

March 29, 2016

I have recently “upgraded” to Windows 10 (which I dislike, but that’s for another post). As part of the “upgrade”, they have taken away access to the backgammon game I used to use for relaxation. So I decided to go looking for another and found one that looked useful on a site called, I think, Games.Com.

The site required me to register before I could play. I didn’t mind that and entered the usual data. When it was done, it finally became clear to me that I had unwittingly signed on for Facebook!  I’ll never use it of course, and I’ll never use that backgammon site.

Goddam them and their deceit!


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Image: Street Art #1

March 29, 2016

street art I_no border_small

Night Music: CCR, Fortunate Son

March 28, 2016