The Boffo Tower(s) Revealed

Boffo Properties and the Kettle have finally — after many months of nagging – revealed a rendering of their tower at Commercial and Venables.  And it turns out to be THREE towers, surrounded by what appears to be a barricade!


Their rendering is produced in a soft twilight, presumably to give it a pleasant glow, and yet shows itself to be far worse than anything the No Tower Coalition has ever suggested.  It is particularly interesting that, having accused the Coalition of lying about the tower possibly being up to fifteen storeys, they are now forced to admit that the 12-storey version has been “scaled back” from an original 15 storeys.

Frankly, whether it is 15 storeys or 12 is hardly important.  A tower is a tower (or in this case, three towers), and thousands and thousands of local residents have registered their distaste for a tower of any size on the Drive.  Keep the Drive under five, they say, and that’s the way it should be.

The No Tower Coalition has a couple of interesting posts about this.  Worth the read.

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