Local Dates For The Calendar

The first weekend in March could be a busy one:

On Saturday 5th March, from noon until 6pm, the East Van Bazaar will take place at Astorino’s Hall on the corner of Commercial and Venables.  This is an excellent showcase for local artists and craftspeople. Well worth looking into.

On Sunday 6th March, the Grandview-Woodland Area Council holds its Annual General Meeting and election of Directors for 2016/17.  The meeting begins at 2pm and takes place upstairs at Canucks Family Place, the building at the north end of Grandview Park .

Regular readers will probably recall that I have called out the recent Boards for inaction and country-club governance. This AGM is perhaps the last chance to turn GWAC around with a new activist slate of Directors and I urge everyone to attend and vote for the future rather than the past. Our new MLA, Melanie Mark will also be giving a speech

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