Local Dates For The Calendar

February 25, 2016

The first weekend in March could be a busy one:

On Saturday 5th March, from noon until 6pm, the East Van Bazaar will take place at Astorino’s Hall on the corner of Commercial and Venables. ┬áThis is an excellent showcase for local artists and craftspeople. Well worth looking into.

On Sunday 6th March, the Grandview-Woodland Area Council holds its Annual General Meeting and election of Directors for 2016/17.  The meeting begins at 2pm and takes place upstairs at Canucks Family Place, the building at the north end of Grandview Park .

Regular readers will probably recall that I have called out the recent Boards for inaction and country-club governance. This AGM is perhaps the last chance to turn GWAC around with a new activist slate of Directors and I urge everyone to attend and vote for the future rather than the past. Our new MLA, Melanie Mark will also be giving a speech

Image: Spring Blossoms

February 25, 2016

Spring Blossoms