Dope On The Drive

As most of you will know, the City of Vancouver requested applications for marijuana dispensary licenses. They received more than 150 applications, and rejected almost all of them.  Here is the current state of play for dispensaries on the Drive.

The following applicants were rejected and have not appealed:

  • 892 Commercial: Canmed Wellness
  • 1340 Commercial: Healing Club (the vacant space where Scandalicious used to be)
  • 1730 Commercial: Persia Foods (??)


The following applicants were rejected, have appealed, and the date of their hearing:

  • 1470 Commercial: Emilio Marrello: March 2 (this is address of Black Dog Video)
  • 1740 Commercial: My Remedy Wellness:  June 15
  • 2137 Commercial: Vancouver Pain Management: June 15
  • 2223 Commercial: Canna Clinic: October 19
  • 2235 Commercial: Eggs Canna: July 2


The application by Evo Medical for a new dispensary at 1501 Commercial is “being processed” which, I assume, means it will be accepted.

This whole business smacks of both the Nanny State and hypocrisy.  Most of the dispenary rejections are said to be because the stores are too close together or too close to schools.  This is for a product that virtually all medical experts now consider to be safe and, perhaps, medically helpful.  There are no such rules for stores selling drugs that everyone accepts are dangerous, indeed lethal — drugs such as cigarettes and liquor. What’s with that?

One Response to Dope On The Drive

  1. Bill says:

    “This is for a product that virtually all medical experts now consider to be safe and, perhaps, medically helpful.”

    Selective research.
    But in general found to be placebo, not as effective as present drugs with known chemistry (unlike the mad mix of most weed)
    Pubmed, for Cochrane and Marijuana will find most of the valid reviews.

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