Melanie Mark and the Billionaire Boys’ Club

Long time readers of this space — and those who follow Vancouver municipal politics closely — will know that Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver are creatures of Joel Solomon and his Billionaire Boy’s Club. However, it is a surprise, even to me, to see that Vancouver-Mount Pleasant NDP candidate Melanie Mark needs to be added to the list of Solomon’s playmates.

Joel and Dana Solomon are hosting a get-to-know Melanie party at their place in Gastown on Monday evening. It is, of course, an exclusive invitation-only event. Have you been invited?  No, neither have I.

Ms Mark doesn’t live in the riding (she’s from Burnaby) and now we find she’s being pushed by the super-rich 1%ers who are helping to wreck Vancouver’s neighbourhoods, especially here on the east-side.  That’s two strikes.

Voting for Pete Fry will be the third strike and she’ll be outta here!

5 Responses to Melanie Mark and the Billionaire Boys’ Club

  1. artitectus says:

    Has there been any polling released on the riding? I’ve been looking …

  2. jakking says:

    I have looked, too, without success. Haven’t had any robo-calls either.

  3. Martin says:

    I’m with you. Fry lives in the hood, he’s at all types of rallies even came to help our area with off leash dog parks. Fundamentally green and ndp are the same, except for the corporate ownership. Vote for Pete Fry your neighborhood guy!!!

  4. Joel Solomon says:

    Hi Jak

    We don’t know each other directly, do we?

    I respect divergent political views. Pete is a good guy and he is working hard and will likely enjoy a victory soon enough for an elected office.

    I’m supporting Melanie Mark because she is an impressive smart person, with a strong resume and career, including protection of the most vulnerable in our society. I consider her the strongest most experienced candidate who will be a strong force for our Riding. Her likely victory will represent a historic advance for First Nations women’s participation in BC Provincial elected office.

    Your comments are mis-informed and offensive. Ms. Mark deserves more respect. She is no “playmate” (and I hope you didn’t realize the dual meanings of that term). The subtext of that word is even more degrading and demeaning.

    “Billionaire’s Club at Hollyhock”? Where did you cook up that grandiose idea? Hollyhock attracts guests from all walks of life, people of all ages working on their personal health practices, to the arts, contemplative practices, emotional skills, better relationships, social entrepreneurship, and not-for-profit leadership skills. And yes, we are fortunate to host from time to time, retreats of philanthropists, successful entrepreneurs of organic food, renewable energy, and digital organizing.

    You may know more than me about who attends Hollyhock, but it’s a rare occurrence we get to host someone of that scale of wealth. Or at least that we know we are hosting. (It is a public Not for Profit that is open to everyone.) High net worth people are humans and share needs for lifelong leadership learning like the rest of us.

    I know that you take issue with my political views and that is fine. I ask you consider respectful language about people in general who you disagree with, including me, be they politicians, NGOs, charities, entrepreneurs, or others.

    Thanks for hearing my comments. Best wishes to you for 2016.

  5. jakking says:

    First, let me say that I appreciate you took the time to write. We will continue to disagree about politics and the terms used in poitics.

    Some are armed with money to influence events, parties, elections, city building. Others of us need the small arms of rhetoric and polemic to achieve the same ends. Sharp words and memorable phrases are good marketing as we both know.

    Again, I am pleased to hear your side. Thanks.

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