Lord Nelson Elementary Upgrade

A couple of years ago, the City held public hearings to discuss an upgrade/rebuild to Lord Nelson Elementary at 2235 Kitchener.  The next stage of the development process takes place tomorrow.

At about 5:45 on Wednesday afternoon, the Urban Design Panel will review the final design of the new three storey school/daycare centre.  They meet at the Town Hall Meeting Room, ground floor, Vancouver City Hall.

As Steve Bohus of CityHallWatch notes:

“I often find that the UDP [Urban Design Panel] receives the most complete set of information (drawings & models), so it can be worth going just to see the proposal in full. As this is a Development Application (and not a rezoning), the City doesn’t even need to hold an Open House. They can also forgo a Development Permit Board review (basically have Jane Pickering approve it behind closed doors without public comment).

So, if you have a chance, this might be a meeting worth attending.

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