Another Dope Shop? Have Your Say

Angelo Papas’ tailoring shop opened at 1044 Commercial in 1966.  In 1975, they moved to 1501 Commercial and have been a prominent fixture on that corner for the last forty years. But things are changing.

EVO MEDI Society has applied to the City for a change of use at that storefront from “retail” to “Medical Marijuana-Related”.  The proposed use is within the allowable “conditional uses” for the current zoning; it just needs the Director of Planning’s approval. Whether it meets the terms of the new City guidelines on dispensaries (distance from another dispensary, distance from schools, etc) is unclear to me.

Residents and neighbours have until January 22 to submit their comments on this proposal, application number DE419315.  Comments can be by email ( or by letter to City of Vancouver, Planning and Development Services,  Development Review Branch, 453 W. 12th Ave., Vancouver V5Y 1V4.

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