Greening Mount Pleasant and West Grandview

Finally, almost at the last possible moment, Premier Clark has called a by-election in Vancouver Mount Pleasant for 2nd February.

This riding, previously held by the often-disappointing Jenny Kwan until she resigned last summer, includes Grandview west of Commercial Drive. Melanie Mark has been selected as the NDP’s candidate, with Gavin Dew running for the Liberals, and Pete Fry for the BC Greens.

I have worked with Pete Fry for several years on a number of issues, beginning when he was chair of Strathcona Residents (SRA) and I was chair of GWAC.  He led SRA into the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods as a founding member, and he has been pivotal in leading communities in tackling development, viaduct, and housing issues.  He will be a vigorous supporter of local options in Victoria and I will be cheering him on in this by-election.

Pete Fry

Pete Fry is, I believe, the only candidate who actually lives in the riding.

We don’t need a parachute NDP-er and we certainly don’t want another BC Liberal. I urge you to give Pete Fry your full support.

One Response to Greening Mount Pleasant and West Grandview

  1. DDB says:

    To echo Jak, Pete is an excellent candidate who will commit himself to the community and its welfare. I have had the opportunity to work with Pete since 2013 and can attest to his unwavering dedication and commitment to the interests and needs of the city, community and citizens of Vancouver, Mount Pleasant and Strathcona.

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