Remembrance Day 2015

November 11, 2015

The weather cooperated perfectly this morning to bring a bright and sunny and crisp fall feeling to the Remembrance Day ceremonies at Grandview Park.  I would say the crowd was about double what I remember from last year. It was big enough that by the time I got there it was almost impossible to get a decent shot through the crowd.

2015 Remembrance

And that’s all to the good.  I saw a lot of young and very young children with their families at the Park today, and that augers well for the continuation of this annual tribute.

There seemed to be two fly-pasts: one, a single aircraft, and another of three planes in formation.  The bright sky helped make them very effective.

It was good to hear the old poems of courage and duty, the bagpipes, the cornet, and the padre’s homily. It was good to be surrounded by so many of the Grandview community, young and old. It was good to think quietly for two minutes.

We need to take that time more often, and slow down.

Wise Words

November 11, 2015

Wise Words 20151110

Image: City Abstract #11

November 11, 2015

city abstract XI_plus