Night Music: Minnie Ripperton

November 8, 2015

40 years on, this still gives me chills.

Photographs of the Drive Wanted

November 8, 2015

One of the things we locsl historians lack is a wide range of photographs of Commercial Drive between, say, the years 1920 and 2000.  There are some well-known classics (many of which are included in the Grandview Heritage Group’s “Pictorial History of Grandview“, and in my own “The Drive“) but after that they are few and far between.

The history of construction and storefront use on the Drive is complex. Over the last few years I have collated a great deal of documentary information that allows me to believe that I have a good handle on when each building was erected and, often, replaced. But what the ones that no longer exist looked like is often a complete mystery; a mystery that could be resolved with photographs.

The middle years of the last century were the heyday of the Brownie and the snapshot. There just have to be so-far-unknown photographs of Commercial Drive out there, in family and company collections. I am hoping that readers will look through their albums to see what they have and share them with me. I would like to scan the images and then return them.

It doesn’t matter if Aunt Mabel, visiting from Saskatchewan, or cousin Billy’s new car, is front and centre of the image, so long as the buildings in the background can be seen and identified.

The images will be used to add to and verify the information being published in the Grandview Database and will help us fill in the historical details of our wonderful neighbourhood.   Can you help?