Residential Sales in Grandview This Year

November 5, 2015

Someone very kindly sent me the detailed listings for 106 residential house sales in Grandview so far this year (to 27 October). Being OCD, I had little option but to analyze them in some small way.

This graph is a chronological view of asking prices, sales prices and a moving average:

Residential sales 2015

Click on the image for a larger view.

This graph shows that house prices are rising, but not very quickly (see moving average). The figures also show that the average asking price this year has been $1,201,955 and the average sales price has been $1,261,011 (5% above asking).  The median asking price was $1,188,500 and the median sales price achieved was $1,206,900 (3% above asking).

Nine houses were sold at the asking price, 35 were sold for less than asking, and 62 were sold above asking.

I hope this analysis might be useful for those who can understand the figures better than me.  My interest is in the historical record.


Image: Lake

November 5, 2015



“Lake” (1999), oils on canvas, 30″ x 24″