Night Music: Mercury and Caballe

November 4, 2015

Calendar Date: Putting Up The Fallen Walls

November 4, 2015

At noon on 12th November, at the CBC  Vancouver Broadcaster Centre Plaza, the new exhibit at the public art installation named The Wall will be officially unveiled.  The Wall is an initiative of the Vancouver Heritage Foundation in cooperation with the CBC, JJ Bean, and the City of Vancouver.

The new installation called by artist Faith Moosang is of particular interest to all of us concerned with development issues, history, and neighbourhood change:

“down. town. is a large-scale composite photograph created from 164 individual film frames, video stills and digital photographs gleaned from the CBC Archives and Wikimedia Commons. There were three questions behind the work – how many buildings have been demolished in downtown Vancouver between 1954 and 2015, how many of these demolitions were considered newsworthy and how does one represent the notion of absence or missing? … The high number of buildings that have gone missing from our collective landscape is indicative that humans are notorious for forgetting, and that what is normal is always shifting. Vancouver has a (short) long history of development in the pursuit of density and profit.”