Image: Market Street National Bank

October 31, 2015

Market Street National Bank Philadelphia_full

Support For “The Drive” on The Drive

October 31, 2015

coverIt is about three and a half years since I published The Drive and our local booksellers and buyers keep supporting it.

I want to thank both Canterbury Tales Bookstore and The People’s Co-op Bookstore for their recent repeat orders, and I urge everyone to keep supporting these local bookstores who help keep our culture thriving against all the odds.

I also want to thank the owners and staff at SuperValu at First & Commercial which has managed to sell more than a hundred copies this year (see display at Cashier #1).

It is time for another book, I know. But I enjoy the research so much that it is hard to put that aside and actually construct a narrative.  Fingers crossed for 2016!

Daylight Saving — The Trailer

October 31, 2015

Further to my cri de coeur yesterday, a dear friend sent me this brilliant movie:

My compliments to the brilliant filmmakers!

Image: Breakfast

October 31, 2015