Affordable Housing in Vancouver?

October 15, 2015

If you wonder where all the affordable housing in Vancouver has gone, here is one answer …


This is the house right next to mine.  Until this morning, it was a perfectly serviceable double-width Vancouver Special built in 1974. It used to house a number of suites and rooms where the rents were really cheap.  Today, it is a pile of rubble and will soon be replaced by seven townhouses that will be unaffordable to anyone earning an average Vancouver income.

Because the rental suites were “illegal” they don’t qualify to be replaced under the City’s much-vaunted one-for-one replacement policy. Just like the three houses to the east of them that are now all expensive stacked townhouses.  Between the four buildings, there were perhaps 25-30 cheap suites for rent. Now there are none.

Well played Vancouver!

Image: Durian

October 15, 2015