Image: Market Street National Bank

October 31, 2015

Market Street National Bank Philadelphia_full


Support For “The Drive” on The Drive

October 31, 2015

coverIt is about three and a half years since I published The Drive and our local booksellers and buyers keep supporting it.

I want to thank both Canterbury Tales Bookstore and The People’s Co-op Bookstore for their recent repeat orders, and I urge everyone to keep supporting these local bookstores who help keep our culture thriving against all the odds.

I also want to thank the owners and staff at SuperValu at First & Commercial which has managed to sell more than a hundred copies this year (see display at Cashier #1).

It is time for another book, I know. But I enjoy the research so much that it is hard to put that aside and actually construct a narrative.  Fingers crossed for 2016!

Daylight Saving — The Trailer

October 31, 2015

Further to my cri de coeur yesterday, a dear friend sent me this brilliant movie:

My compliments to the brilliant filmmakers!

Image: Breakfast

October 31, 2015


Night Music: Adele

October 30, 2015

Wise Words

October 30, 2015

Wise Words 201030

Again With The Time-Shifting Nonsense

October 30, 2015

clock meltingTomorrow night we turn the clocks back one hour in a continuation of an archaic, uneconomic, dangerous and energy-wasting exercise favoured by the big gas companies. How can we still be so stupid!

One of the very first things I’ll do when they make me God is to cancel this nonsense.

Until then, this is the twice a year moment when I wish I lived in Saskatchewan!